$11 Per Month Can Save a Child’s Life.


Help stop the generational cycle

$11 Per Month Can Save a Child’s Life.


Help stop the generational cycle

Your monthly support gives children & families hope.

As a Horses Healing Hearts Guardian, your monthly gift will help innocent and neglected children who feel like they’ve been forgotten. HHH is a national leader in equine-assisted therapy, working tirelessly year-round to put an end to the childhood effects of parental addiction. None of this critical work would be possible without compassionate people like you. Thank you for your support.

A burden no child should carry, but ours do.

Imagine the stress and constant worry that your parent will overdose and die overnight.  If they do wake up, an addiction to drugs or alcohol has such a tight grasp on them they cannot take care of you with clean clothes, healthy food, and regular doctor visits.  You’re angry, sad, hurt, and feel guilty for having these feelings.  What if your parent dies?

A safe space + horses = changed and saved lives.

Now imagine a safe place where children meet peers who struggle with the same life experiences. Imagine a retreat where kids ride horses, laugh, and share feelings they’ve had to hide.  No more secrets, shame, or embarrassment. They learn life coping skills from people who have survived growing up like them.  Sometimes they teach ways to get through it.  Other times they just listen. For the first time they feel accepted, have hope, and feel empowered.

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Your $11 Monthly Donation

Horses Healing Hearts is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

Every gift saves lives. Please make a one time gift if you are not able to make a monthly commitment.

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