Providing a path to healing and hope
for children facing the challenges
of parental addiction.

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Providing a path to healing and hope for children facing the challenges of parental addiction.

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Equine Therapy Trauma

Equine-Assisted therapy for the impact of substance abuse & trauma on children & families.

A nonprofit in Delray Beach, Florida.

Discover the healing power of Equine Assisted Therapy. At Horses Healing Hearts of Delray Beach, Florida, we provide a nurturing sanctuary for kids facing the challenges of parental addiction. Our unique program combines the gentle presence of horses with therapeutic activities to foster emotional growth and resilience. Through the bond between children and these majestic animals, we offer a path to healing and hope. Join us on this transformative journey and help your child find strength in the company of our four-legged friends. Together, we can conquer the trauma of addiction and build a brighter future.

The devastating effects of parental addiction ripple through the lives of children, leaving behind wounds that often go unnoticed. These children struggle with feelings of abandonment, shame, and a profound sense of loss. Many of them have had to assume adult responsibilities prematurely, bearing burdens far beyond their tender years. Equine therapy has proven to be a beacon of hope for these resilient young souls, helping them rebuild trust, develop coping mechanisms, and reclaim their childhoods.

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Please join us for a spectacular evening to benefit Horses Healing Hearts’ equine-assisted therapeutic programs.

A safe space + horses = changed lives.

Horses Healing Hearts partners with horses to provide hope, empowerment, and healing for children and families facing trauma.

A community where all children and family members feel safe, encouraged, and confident to overcome trauma.

Serving our children and families in an environment providing, respect, integrity and compassion.

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Because of amazing people such as yourself, we’ve been able to provide thousands of hours of prevention education, emotional healing and mentorship to hundreds of South Florida youth living with parental addiction and substance use disorder.

Now more than ever, children need life-changing experiences, and they’re counting on your support to make them possible. Your gift brings the magic of fresh air and fresh hope to these innocent kids.







Project 365

If just 365 people donate $1 a day ($30 a month), sufficient resources will be available to give the life skills children from addicted homes need to succeed and end the cycle of drug abuse.

Horses Healing Hearts asks you to signup for this pledge drive and become part of the solution for the kids who need your help.  Just $1 a day will help us help the children and give them life-long learning experiences that will guide them and give them the ability to cope with issues brought on by family members with drug and alcohol addiction.

Plaque Recognition Available

The Nikki Perlow Foundation joined Horses Healing Hearts in 2018 and launched the Nikki Perlow Funding Society and Butterfly Graduation Garden. Since then, each child who graduates from HHH plants a flower in the wall commemorating the indelible mark made by their HHH journey. The graduates take pride in knowing their presence lives on and enjoy visiting the farm to show others their butterfly plant!

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