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Horses Healing Hearts
Children’s Prevention Fee Structure

No child will ever be turned away due to financial reasons. 

How Do I start to Pay?

    1. Complete a Participant Application and submit. (an HHH representative will contact you within 48 hours to review application and verify your child is an eligible candidate)
    2. Sign and scan/email participant paperwork.
    3. Scroll down to the Fee Structure chart and find the appropriate payment amount based upon your current household income.
    4. In the Payment Amount Options drop-down menu below the chart, click on the appropriate amount.
    5. Click on the yellow Subscribe button and follow the prompts to complete.

    Note:  This is a monthly fee that will automatically occur until you cancel.

    YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT for this. Any credit or debit card will work.

    For example, families with one child (with household annual income at or below $25K) it will be $40, for two children $60, and for 3 children $80.

    We do not accept cash or checks for payment.  If you ever need to change your billing information or alter payment activity (increase, decrease or stop payments), you can to do it through this PayPal portal, or contact Elise Dworkin at elise@hhhusa.org.

    Submit your monthly payment here

    Payment Amt Options

    Why We Charge

    Horses Healing Hearts pays $100 per child per session to cover the services we offer for your child weekly. (this is our cost – not what we’re asking you to pay) As you will notice by the chart below most of our children have 90% of their HHH session fees covered by funds raised by Board of Directors and staff efforts via grants, private donations, and fundraisers.


    $40 – $160 per child per month.
    The HHH Children’s Program Youth Client fee is a minimum of $40 per month, per child.  As many charitable programs who offer services do, we structure our fees on a sliding scale relative to household income.  Please see the Program Fee Structure income chart below to find the amount to pay.

    Discounts for Families
    With More Than 1
    Enrolled Child

    For those families who have more than one child, each additional child will be charged at 50%.  So for example:  If you have two children in HHH and you make less than $25K annually, your monthly payment would be $60.00.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    My child doesn’t come every week. Do I still pay the full monthly amount?

    Yes, because we are available to have your child attend, 90% of expenses are out laid regardless of whether your child attends or not.

    I don’t have a pay pal account. What do I do?

    Pay pal accepts all credit cards through this link.  As long as you have a credit card or debit card you can set up for an automated payment with this link.

    How do I calculate my Household Income?

    Use these links below to walk you through the process.  HHH Reserves the right to request tax returns to support your reported household income.



    I have questions about this policy. Who do I ask?

    Please call 1-877 HORSE 10 or email info@hhhusa.org.

    Note:  Periodically we have spots at HHH for 100% scholarship.  These opportunities require an application and interview process.  The youth client and family must be very committed to participation and be financially eligible.

    Children’s Prevention Program
    Fee Structure



    $40.00 / month

    Under $25,000 per year

    $20.00 / month

    Additional children at 1/2 price

    $60.00 / month

    $25,000 – $34,999

    $30.00 / month

    Additional children at 1/2 price

    $100.00 / month

    $35,000 – $44,999

    $50.00 / month

    Additional children at 1/2 price

    $120.00 / month

    $45,000 – $54,999

    $60.00 / month

    Additional children at 1/2 price

    $140.00 / month

    $55,000 – $64,999

    $70.00 / month

    Additional children at 1/2 price

    $160.00 / month

    $65,000 and up

    $80.00 / month

    Additional children at 1/2 price

    Submit your monthly payment here

    Payment Amt Options

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