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Affiliates contribute to the well-being of their local communities by providing a unique and effective resource to help children affected by parental addiction, which can have a far-reaching positive impact. You gain access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about helping those in need. Our network provides guidance, resources, and a sense of belonging. Affiliating with HHH not only offers the benefit of helping local children but also leverages the professionalism and proven strategies of a nationally recognized organization, ensuring the highest standards of care.

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Established Program

Horses Healing Hearts (HHH) has a proven track record of helping children and adults affected by addiction for over 13 years, making it a reputable and well-established program.

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Unique Model

HHH is the first of its kind and has gained recognition, being featured in Women’s World Magazine in August 2023 for its innovative approach to helping families affected by addiction through equine therapy.

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Extensive Impact

HHH has positively impacted over 400 families and 10,000 individuals in the past 13 years, demonstrating the effectiveness of their program in addressing the needs of those affected by addiction.

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Affiliate Program

Becoming an HHH Affiliate location offers barns the opportunity to bring the healing power of horses to their communities. HHH provides all the necessary tools and resources to set up and run the program, whether as a for-profit or non-profit initiative.

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Comprehensive Support

Affiliates gain access to the prevention model curriculum, standard operating procedures, and customizable forms for participants and volunteers, simplifying the setup and operation of the program.

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Consulting Expertise

HHH offers consulting on program operations, marketing, non-profit management, and fundraising strategies to ensure the success and sustainability of the affiliate centers.

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While not every applicant is accepted, HHH’s goal is to make equine therapy accessible to as many children as possible. They seek dedicated and willing equine centers to meet their standards and efficiently help local youth in need.

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Collaborative Approach

Affiliates are encouraged to adopt the best collaborative practices to provide the most effective and professional care for the youth in their communities, following HHH’s successful model.

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Professional & Proven

 Affiliating with HHH not only offers the benefit of helping local children but also leverages the professionalism and proven strategies of a nationally recognized organization, ensuring the highest standards of care.

Affiliate Application Form

Your Contact Information

Barn / Facility

Please tell us a little about the facility where you plan to run your affiliate operation.

(e.g. PATH, EAGALA, Natural Lifemanship, others) Please list them.

How did you hear about us?

Motivation and Programs

Insurance & Claims

Facility Information

Reflection & Support

Horses & Operations

Personal Background

Community Information

How many people live in the community near you?

Satisfaction & Experience

Alignment with HHH

Additional Information

HHH Affiliate Criteria

Please note that HHH does not accept every application. We seek to collaborate with partners who have a certain fit or situation where our model can be fairly easily implemented and will help as many children in the area as possible. 

What we look for in potential affiliates:

  • Business professionals or individuals who run their farm as a business.
  • A healthy understanding of financial responsibility and respect for clients.
  • Willingness to make a financial investment.
  • Commitment to understanding the constituency of children of parental addiction.
  • A grasp of the difference between prevention and therapy

Thank you for taking the time to complete this application. Your thoughtful responses will assist us in evaluating your suitability as an HHH National affiliate. We will review your submission and contact you with further steps in the application process.

About Our Equine Assisted Therapy Programs




This program helps children impacted by parental addiction through peer groups, horses and an evidence-based curriculum.



Participants have a chance to spend time with an eligible high school or college students to build healthy and long-lasting relationships.



Is your child stressed out? Struggling with depression, anxiety, or body image issues? Learn how horses can help.



Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) incorporates horses experientially for mental and behavioral health therapy and personal development.


Recovery clients are many times disconnected with their feeling and their physical body as a result of childhood or recent trauma.



LEAD provides business teams an opportunity to improve teamwork, communication, and problem-resolution skills by interacting with horses.