Using horses to help children & families with trauma heal
for over a decade.

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Using horses to help children & families with trauma heal
for over a decade.

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Equine Therapy Trauma

Equine-Assisted therapy for the impact of substance abuse & trauma on children & families.

Since 2009, Horses Healing Hearts has provided life-changing and life-saving support for the adverse impact of parental substance abuse on South Florida children and their families.  Our equine-assisted therapy has helped kids from all walks of life free themselves from burden and pain, teaching coping skills and healing mechanisms in a safe environment.

Our dedicated team of peer support counselors, licensed mental health professionals, recovery coaches, mentors and certified equine specialists provide a truly unique and transformative therapeutic experience. 

Through new and expanded programs and clinics, HHH now serves people of all ages facing emotional trauma and adversity.

A burden no child should carry, but ours do.

Walk in the shoes of our children for one day. Imagine the enormous fear that your parent will overdose and never wake up. Or if they do, an addiction to drugs or alcohol has such a tight grasp on them, they cannot provide clean clothes, healthy food, or a stable environment.

Understandably, these children are angry, sad and hurt, but also feel guilty for having these feelings. In order to cope they have learned, “don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t feel.”

A safe space + horses = changed and saved lives.

Now imagine a place of acceptance and hope.
A safe space where children meet others who struggle with the same life experiences.
A retreat where they ride horses, laugh, and share feelings they’ve had to hide. No more secrets, shame or embarrassment. They learn life coping skills from mentors who have survived growing up like them. Sometimes these volunteers teach ways to get through it. Other times they just listen. For the first time, the kids feel accepted, hopeful and empowered. This is the power of HHH equine therapy in South Florida.

Let’s take a look inside…

Why horses?

Being prey animals, horses…

  • Read people objectively, and are constantly aware of their surroundings.
  • Are uniquely equipped to connect with
    individuals who are authentic with their feelings.
  • Are masters at reading body language and
    being “present in their bodies,” which makes
    them excellent teachers for us to do the same.
  • Do not judge. They don’t care about the clothes
    you wear or the car you drive. Their only concern
    is, “Am I safe with you?”
  • Have been scientifically proven to reduce the
    cortisol levels of those who spend time in their
    presence, caring and working with them.
    (Washington State University- Cortisol Study)

Our success formula.

HHH exists to give a model of healthy people, communication, thinking and problem resolution. These safe people, animals and safe place teach children what healthy and happy looks like. They have mentors, so they don’t take the same path in life as their parents. 

Children learn:

  • communication tools to advocate for themselves
  • how to find safe people and healthy mentors
  • how to have healthy boundaries
  • the benefits and importance of self-care and mindfulness

Meet Liz Olszewski,
Founder & Executive Director.

Having grown up with alcoholic parents, Liz understands the deep-seeded trauma associated with the impact of substance abuse on children & families.

Since a very young age, Liz has wanted to help other people with their struggles of growing up under the thumbs of addicted parents. She has dedicated her life to creating this one-of-a kind South Florida equine assisted therapy program, paying forward the healing that she experienced through horses and mentors.

Watch On YouTube

Liz Olszewski testifies to Congress on behalf of
children of parental addiction.

Youth Emotional Healing
Through Horses

 6-Week Sessions – Join any time

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Because of amazing people such as yourself, we’ve been able to provide thousands of hours of prevention education, emotional healing and mentorship to hundreds of South Florida youth living with parental addiction and substance use disorder.

Now more than ever, children need life-changing experiences, and they’re counting on your support to make them possible. Your gift brings the magic of fresh air and fresh hope to these innocent kids.







Project 365

If just 365 people donate $1 a day ($30 a month), sufficient resources will be available to give the life skills children from addicted homes need to succeed and end the cycle of drug abuse.

Horses Healing Hearts asks you to signup for this pledge drive and become part of the solution for the kids who need your help.  Just $1 a day will help us help the children and give them life-long learning experiences that will guide them and give them the ability to cope with issues brought on by family members with drug and alcohol addiction.

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Nikki Perlow Butterfly Graduation Garden

The Nikki Perlow Foundation joined Horses Healing Hearts in 2018 and launched the Nikki Perlow Funding Society and Butterfly Graduation Garden. Since then, each child who graduates from HHH plants a flower in the wall commemorating the indelible mark made by their HHH journey. The graduates take pride in knowing their presence lives on and enjoy visiting the farm to show others their butterfly plant!

“Childrens lives are changed because of the work that is being done here! I don’t know of any other program like this that help children deal with a parent that is suffering from alcoholism.”

— Parental Testimonial

“Having something continuous, safe and stable is beyond priceless and this program gives that to these beautiful souls. This program gives hope and support to these children, and that is something I am blessed to be a part of. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than with these amazing kids!”

— Volunteer Testimonial

I have been volunteering here for a couple years now. It truly is a special place and stellar Florida equine therapy program. As a volunteer I feel I get just as much out of the program as the kids who participate in it.

— Volunteer Testimonial