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The Mission

The Horses Healing Hearts Equine Assisted Therapy Mentoring program was created in 2013 by Amanda Chaplin to provide HHH participants a chance to spend time with an eligible high school or college students to build healthy and long-lasting relationships.  Spending quality time with positive and influential mentors during engaging and memorable monthly adventures has proven to be truly life changing.

Activities such as ice or roller skating, trips to the park or museum, bowling alley and maybe even an escape room or a recording studio are all exciting opportunities our mentor program participants have experienced over the years.

Those who have participated in a Big Brothers/Big Sisters mentoring program have proven to be successful in the following ways:
  • Participants Who Maintain/Improve Academically 85% 85%
  • Participants Who Maintain/Improve School Attendance 85% 85%
  • Participants With Behavioral Improvements 80% 80%
  • Participants Who Met Their Case Plan Goal 90% 90%

Amanda Chaplin – Mentor Program Founder & President

How To Get Involved

Interested in becoming an HHH mentor?  To qualify as a participant, you must be an enrolled high school or college student.  An ideal mentor is a responsible and mature role model with an “eager to help” mindset.  

Community service hours are available and will be rewarded upon participation along with a lifetime of memories, and a rewarding experience.  

“Alongside helping out these incredible kids taking part in a mentorship is just as beneficial if not more for the mentor as well,” Chaplin said in an email. “I can vouch for all participants so far in saying you truly do learn so much about yourself through this experience. Some of your true aspirations and motivation can come from this program; it is inspiring and gives you a better understanding of your own values and goals as well.”

Amanda Chaplin – At program inception (2013)

“We can all agree that through our involvement in the program we have all inspired each other so much – in our schoolwork, personal goals, or even increasing self-confidence.”  Although Chaplin believes she is leaving the program in good hands, the transition is bittersweet. “I’m overjoyed that all of my hard work has paid off and I have been able to achieve my dream in making a difference in the lives of others,” said Chaplin.  “At the same time, I will miss everything that goes into the events, the people and especially the smiles plastered on the kids’ faces when they attend an event.”

Amanda Chaplin  – Departing for Boston University (2015)