Meet the horses, tour the facility, and learn about how horses can help heal hearts.

Horses Healing Hearts® helps children facing adversity due to anxiety and depression from having grown up in a home with parental addiction. We provide hope and resilience by teaching life skills and connection through interaction with horses. Together, we can beat the effects of parental addiction and be part of the solution.

This monthly event is open to the general public, and we encourage the following:

 Therapists • Community Leaders • School Personnel • Parents • Potential Donors
Business people interested in energizing your teams!

First Saturday of each month
9:00am – 10:30am

5135 Conklin Drive, Delray Beach
(Behind Tire Kingdom)

PLEASE NOTE: This event is not for feeding the horses, as their diets are strictly regimented for their health and safety.
Thank you for your understanding.