HHH Board of Directors


Daniel Hartwell

Board Member



Daniel Hartwell has a long 25 year history of producing large events and live entertainment festivals for defined demographic audiences. While he is best known for producing major international music festivals and large concerts, he has also produced niche events and very classy private parties for major corporations and the elite worldwide.

The executive production experience over the last 25 years has provided a foundation for the development of a wide variety of entertainment and event planning platforms and fund raising.

Daniel has booked and worked with many major super stars and talent as diverse as Diana Ross to Kid Rock, Alice Cooper to Dora the Explorer!

His experience as a member of several successful business ventures, along with his relationships with national agents, venue owners, TV / radio stations and politicians made him a successful producer that has the knowledge to get the job done well over expectations.

Besides the entertainment world, Daniel is a health coach / life coach / sober coach and also has a passion to help young people get healthy.

Daniel is now currently holding healthy living success groups in Delray Beach for kids and young adults who are changing their lives for the better.

Daniel Hartwell is also a philanthropist who has made large donations to inner–city youth programs, drug-free awareness programs, MDA, The Heart Association, Cancer research, The Boys & Girls Clubs and many others.

There is a plaque in Massachusetts that celebrates Daniel Hartwell’s donations to inner city youth next to the Skateboard Park that was built through those donations he has made.

Daniel is back in the saddle again with passion helping kids through his efforts and contributions to Horses Healing Hearts!