HHH Board of Directors


Stuart Goffman

Board Member



As an entrepreneur, Stuart brings a wealth of experience in the areas of business, broadcasting, podcasting, and the addiction-recovery industry. In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors including taking one company public, Stuart was the Founder of a premier addiction treatment and mental health center. He worked nationally for 6 years with his clients, their families and loved ones, people in recovery, substance abuse advocacy, support organizations and experts in the substance abuse field.

Based on his first-hand experiences and relationships within the addiction field, Stuart created Addiction Unplugged (AU) to humanize addiction and recovery. AU highlights stories of hope so people can see addiction from a different point of view.

Mr. Goffman was also the Founder/President/COO for BabyUniverse (BU), an e-commerce company selling baby and toddler products, from 1998-2007. Ranked 146 out of 300 for the largest retail websites on “Internet Retailer’s ’Top 300 Guide,’ BabyUniverse then had it’s IPO in 2005 – raising $20 million. Soon after, BU acquired two competitors.

In 2007, eToys Direct, Inc. and BabyUniverse Inc. announced a merger forming one of the largest Internet content, e-commerce and new media companies in the pregnancy, baby and toddler marketplace. The merger was valued at $276 million. D.E. Shaw Group, a global investment and technology firm, with $33 billion under management, became the largest shareholder of the combined company.

Stuart earned his BS in Accounting from the University of Florida in Gainesville.