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Tiffany N. Mody, Esq.


Tiffany N.
Mody, ESQ.


After growing up in Central Florida, I moved to Kentucky with my young son, where I lived for 16 years. There, I was very active in the local 4-H community, serving as a club leader, project day leader, and Council member. During my time as a 4-H Council member, I served as Secretary and Treasurer. While in school, my son was very active in band, academic team, and 4-H and I was very active in these activities as a parent, all while holding down a full-time job and attending college. Working with and helping children was a strong passion of mine. I also found my love of horses in Kentucky. 

While living in Kentucky, I saw many of the devastating effects substance abuse can have on a family. My then husband’s sister suffered from severe alcoholism while attempting to raise three children. However, she died from her disease before they were all adults. When I worked at the probation office, the vast majority of our clientele were substance abusers with children. We would try to help them become better parents and take control of their disease. Sometimes we were successful and took joy in seeing people turn their lives around. 

I began my legal career as a secretary for the local probation office and decided to go back to college, after an 8-year absence. I pursued my associate degree in Paralegal Studies and then went to work as a paralegal for a local divorce attorney. Just obtaining an associate degree wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to obtain my bachelor’s degree and then attend law school, which I did. When my son graduated from high school in 2012, I moved back to Central Florida and attended law school at Barry University School of Law. While in law school, I volunteered at Heavenly Hooves (now a part of McCormick Research Institute), a therapeutic riding center for special needs individuals. I did everything from assisting riders, lead walking, feeding, cleaning stalls, and attending fundraisers. There we helped many people with autism, PTSD, Down Syndrome, and other disabilities. After law school, my now husband and I moved to the DC area, where I attended American University and obtained my MBA and LLM with a specialization in International Business Law. 

In 2017, my husband and I moved to South Florida, where he grew up and we live in Broward County. I practice family law with Birnbaum, Lippman & Gregoire, PLLC in Fort Lauderdale. I take great pleasure in helping families get through tough times in their lives. My husband and I each have a 28-year-old son and I have managed the different stages of my child’s life and know the difficulties kids can go through.