What are the Community Costs Incurred if Children of Alcoholics Become Addicted?


Written By Lizabeth Olszewski

January 5, 2023

The costs to a community if children of alcoholics become addicted can be significant. Children of alcoholics are at a higher risk of developing addiction themselves, and this can lead to a range of negative consequences for the individual, their family, and the community.

For the individual, addiction can lead to physical and mental health problems, as well as financial and legal problems. It can also strain relationships with friends and family, and lead to social isolation.

For the family, addiction can lead to financial strain, as the individual may not be able to work or may need to seek treatment. It can also cause emotional stress, as the family may have to cope with the individual’s addiction and any related problems.

For the community, addiction can lead to an increased burden on social services, as the individual and their family may require support from social services. It can also lead to an increase in crime, as individuals may turn to illegal activities to support their addiction. Additionally, it can contribute to a decrease in overall community wellbeing, as addiction can have a negative impact on the health and social functioning of individuals and families.

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